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PC Forensics

Parental PC monitoring can give you peace of mind in so many different ways. The package will give you all the PC's activity as it is copied by the software this includes all websites visited, messages and chat such as email and when the computer is being used.

Being aware of your kids use on the computer is essential not just to make sure the computer is being used at appropriate times but it also will give you the power to keep your kid safe from unsavory charaters and images.

You will be able to download this software package quickly and easily. The computer will record the activity on the computer and this will continue until you decide to terminate it by using a simple command.

A report will be emailed automatically to you on a daily basis and you also have the option to save the reports to keep as a backup for your computer.

To find out more information about how this software can help you to keep your kids safe please give our friendly staff a call.

To improve you state of mind and to help you stop the worry contact us today for parental PC monitoring.

For further information:

Call Free on 0800 334 5644 or Email [email protected]

**We assume no liability and are not responsible whatsoever for any misuse or damage caused by our software. It is the final user's responsibility to obey all relevant laws in their country pertaining to the rightful use of this software. By purchasng and downloading our software, you hereby agree to the above. The purchaser must have absolute title to the computer.

Infidelity Detectives PC Monitoring Services

Our monitoring packages can capture:

  • Chats and Instant Messages
  • Web Sites Visited
  • Online Searches
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Document Tracking
  • Keywords Detected
  • Email Activity
  • MySpace + Facebook Activity
  • Files Transferred
  • Program Activity
  • User Activity

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